From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (web1913)

Patience \Pa"tience\, n. [F. patience, fr. L. patientia. See {Patient}.] 1. The state or quality of being patient; the power of suffering with fortitude; uncomplaining endurance of evils or wrongs, as toil, pain, poverty, insult, oppression, calamity, etc.

Strenthened with all might, . . . unto all patience and long-suffering. --Col. i. 11.

I must have patience to endure the load. --Shak.

Who hath learned lowliness From his Lord's cradle, patience from his cross. --Keble.

2. The act or power of calmly or contentedly waiting for something due or hoped for; forbearance.

Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all. --Matt. xviii. 29.

3. Constancy in labor or application; perseverance.

He learned with patience, and with meekness taught. --Harte.

4. Sufferance; permission. [Obs.] --Hooker.

They stay upon your patience. --Shak.

5. (Bot.) A kind of dock ({Rumex Patientia}), less common in America than in Europe; monk's rhubarb.

6. (Card Playing) Solitaire.

Syn: {Patience}, {Resignation}.

Usage: Patience implies the quietness or self-possession of one's own spirit under sufferings, provocations, etc.; resignation implies submission to the will of another. The Stoic may have patience; the Christian should have both patience and resignation.

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