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Hmm, I've never been much into self-analysis, I always end up sounding a bit pompous when I do that, so I try not to. The best way to describe myself is by describing what I do, it's all here to see. Mainly, I'm an artist, not a programmer, or more accurately, an artist who programs, eh? Art has been the dominant theme in my life as far back as I can remember. I've always been a tinkerer, and I like doing things with my hands, they're very good hands indeed, capable of all sorts of things. (Kind of ugly, though, but who cares?) My brain is my most favorite toy, it seems to works in ways other folks don't, why is that? Mostly it's just stubborness, I won't let a problem go until it's fixed, and I don't seem to mind skipping whole bunches of steps in the logical process. Ah well, look at the rest of the site, you tell *me* who I am, cool? Have fun, explore, learn, and take care!

Your pal,   -doc-

Well, that *is* a good question! Here's what I know best, and do most often. First, I know Photoshop, very very well. This is truly a wonderful program, and I urge you to look into it if you're into this kind of stuff, it's an *awesome* tool.

Next, I seem to know Javascript and DHTML, how did this happen? Completely by accident, I assure you. The first thing I wanted to do was just a simple image rollover, and the examples available at NS were just *way* too complex, it shouldn't have been that hard, and it turns out it wasn't. (Most of you have found this out by now, but it was new when I first started playing with it!) I thought of more things I wanted my pages to do, and nobody knew how to make them do that, so I taught myself how again. Then I thought of new things, and learned those too. Now too many folks at work think I'm a programmer, but I'm really just an artist with no patience. <g>

I also know HTML inside out, for exactly the same reasons. Listen to this, I actually have *dreams* all in HTML, scary, that.

I'm an artist, and I'm a philosopher. I use tools, and I use them well. One of my biggest edges in this industry is my ability to learn new tools fast. One of the other is I never abandon a tool once it's proven useful; many of my coolest things come from using somewhat dated technology to create some pretty cool effects. I use my tools, and I like to bleed every drop of use out of them.

I've been a designer all my life, and have worked (on and off) at it for over twenty years now. In my life, I've been a warehouseman, a street peddler, an itinerant artist, a truck driver, an auctioneer, a comic book artist, a furniture designer, a screen printer, print designer, and, of course, a web designer. It's been a cool life so far, and I'm like it pretty well, I don't expect it to get boring anytime soon. Life is good.

Do you still want to learn more? My Resumé, or CV (Curriculum Vitæ as they refer to it here in Europe), comes in two distinct flavours, casual and official. Check it out if you're into this kind of thing.

Ooh, everybody wants to know how I do this stuff, and I really don't mind telling you all, but it can be complicated at times. For now, check out my "Hands-On" tutorials; it's going through a major re-write, but this is all still good material.

More's on it's way, honest!
Your pal,   -doc-

Handson99 is in the works, as we speak. Send an email to the mailing list to be notified of progress as it happens!

NOTE! Hey, I'll be at Internet World '99 in New York from October 6th, 7th and 8th. Look for me there, eh? Ciao!


I grew up on the east coast, right outside of New York City, and after 30 years of traveling around ended up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I remained for 10 years. It's a very cool city, lots of culture, good clubs, and a nifty high-tech environment. I spent the last couple of years there with VISI.com, Minnesota's biggest and best ISP, working as Creative Director. Unfortunately, it can be *too* cool, especially in the winters, with temperatures dropping to 25°F below zero; I must have been insane to stay there so long! SO, I moved to Sweden.

Ah well, I didn't just move here because of the weather; mainly I fell in love with a smart, pretty and talented Swedish girl named Malinelise, visit her website why don't you? Things have worked out well, both personally and career-wise. In order to move here, I had to find work, and I would have taken just about anything. Fortunately for me, I hooked up with an old established consulting firm named "CMA Comedia" that needed a good shot of cool, and I was just what the doctor ordered! They really are a big and very high-tech firm, even if their reputation was a bit... stodgy, and I've gotten to be involved in some of the biggest jobs in my career so far, all good things.

Malin and I have bought a flat here in the Östermalm region of Stockholm, right in the heart of things, and I'm pretty happy. Did I mention life is good? Life is good.

Check me out on my live cam if you're really really interested.

I *am* proud of my work, some of my commercial sites are not as much fun as this one, but they're not supposed to be, they're supposed to be doing work things, selling products, informing folks about services, etc., that kind of thing. That doesn't mean they have to be boring, no sir! Websites and the interfaces that make them go are tools, and I like my tools to be cool. I explain to my clients the importance of the "toy value" of their interfaces, you can be businesslike and still be cool, watch me! Here's a listing of the sites I can remember that are still online, the best way to show you. They're not all listed here, some of my early work was kind of embarassing, and many of them are either no longer online, or have been altered into something I don't consider mine anymore, sigh. :( This listing will be in chronological order, going from the newest to the oldest, cool? Items with a (*) are no longer online, or exist in intranets or extranets, so these are my archived copies.

  - Current works -


KameraOne - Streaming Media

  - 1999 and earlier -


Telia; Datacom Division


SIF, Svenska Industritjänstemannaförbundet CMA Europe AB CMA, historical archive Carl Lamm AB Dennis Kirk, Inc. RecruitUSA EJ'S SUNGLASSES, LLC UsedCity.com™ SIHOPE - logo design Aircraft & Marine Insurance Agency, Inc. J.L.Buchanan, Inc. RJ Steichen & Co. Minnesota Free Trade Zones Commission AzzumA - Fine Imported Lingerie Minnesota Dance IRONBUTT Marathon for Meals Profile Evaluations, Inc. RisComp Inc. (*) REV105 Revolution Radio Vector Internet Services, VISI.com VISI.com, historical archives (*) OZONE@TelCentral GEEKS dot ORG (*) Hewlett Packard:
      Customer Data & Design Lab
(*) Hewlett Packard:
      Northrop Grumman extranet
Apocalypse Studios; version 3 HyperSolutions Apocalypse Studios; version 2 Apocalypse Studios; version 1 (*) RCA's CyberStore (The 1st interface!) Minnesota Planning: EPPL7 DOCS-ONLINE: dictionary DOCS-ONLINE FRANK KASPER & ASSOCIATES

  -with malin-


(*) TomasBrolin.com

Yeesh, it's almost kind of depressing, finding out how many of my older links are no longer active, this is a tough place to do business we work in! Still, some of them like Frank Kasper CDRom and DocsOnline have been online since 1994, virtually unchanged. Of my current projects, only the Telia project currently reflects any of my work, the others will be showing some radical changes this summer, and Telia will also be undergoing some major work. Keep your eyes peeled, I'll add to this list as other older jobs occur to me, and as new jobs kick in, cool? Take care!

Your pal,   -doc-

Play is important. Having *fun* is important, both in your off time, and also at work as well. I had a long, drunken discussion with a friend of mine about 10 years ago talking about goals. We were joking about the unrealistic notions we had when we were kids, and how it had all turned out so far. When I was little, I decided I would be a millionaire by the time I was 21. When I turned 21, I gave myself till I was 25. When 25 came and went, I was too busy to notice, but I sure as hell wasn't a millionaire yet! Now here we were, 30 or so, and I snapped. The HELL with it! I don't necessarily want to be rich, I don't care about being famous, I only want to be happy, that's all. A simple wish, and one that covers all my bases, if I need to be rich to be happy, so be it. Rich isn't my goal, HAPPY is! I'm still working on it, and getting better at it all the time. :) Having fun and playing is an important part of this.

All of the coolest things I ever did for a client, I did here on this site first. When *I* get bored, I sit around and play with my website, this is my hobby first, and my job second. All of my interfaces are toys, but here's some of my favorites from over the years, every page I ever created is still here in this confusing place I call OZONE. Here goes...

World Locator Map, November-December 1999

Spotsgame, circa. 1999 Rev105, circa. 1997 Millenium Countdown Clock, circa. 1999 Smoking Drinking Ozone, circa. 1997 Magic bubbles, for Malin!, circa. 1998 Kungshamn Dreams, circa. 1998-99 Malinelise!, circa. 1999 Tick-Tock!, circa. 1994 Satan for Windowz™!, circa. 1995 Those Annoying Post Bros., circa. 1994-95 TOYpages, circa. 1996 Global Thermonuclear War, circa. 1995 CLICK!, circa. 1995 The DEMO disk, circa. 1996 DWEEZ'Ls, circa. 1999 My first FLASH movie!, circa. 199x? (whatever) Flourish, circa. 1997 Gindex 14, circa. 1996 Apocalypse Shockwave, circa. 1996 GreyWheat, circa. 1997 The Basic Grey Interface, circa. 1997 The Comedia Playground!, circa. 1999 Ozone-Cammy, circa. 1995-99 The Spaceship Notebooks, circa. 1997 The Basement, (continual work in progress)

[prototypes], these are all quite new.

| crystal | crystal2 | spots | spots2 | spots4 |
| spots5 | spots6 | sidesphere | spots7 |
| spots8 | spotsgame | ball1 | ball2 |

Image archives, that's really the heart and soul of this web site. Lots of folks come for the tutorials and the toys, but it's the archives that bring most people here. You can always find most of these through the "imagesindex.html" page, it's one of my busiest "front doors" (Funny, I've long since wanted to eliminate that page, and place the whole thing in it's own directory, but *way* too many people have that page bookmarked! :) Here's the archives listed out, as best as I can remember them, cool?

The Backgrounds Archive

OrangeMarble Series of Desktop Images The Apocalypse Fly-by Miscellaneous Images by Doc Conflagration, which roughly translates as 'Big Fire' Pictures of Einstein BRYCES by DOC [2] BRYCES by DOC [3] 36 downloadable SKY images! Alice in Wonderland, Ill. by Arthur Rackham 1907 640x480 Macintosh Desktops, v7.5.5 NULL & VOID The EGGzone slide show Textures (big ones, not tiled) the Home of Little Ozone Logos A bunch of BARS! A bunch of BULLETS! (major) This is the FTP site! (major) How's that? There's more, there's always more, but this is the most complete listing of these things I've ever created, explore, have fun, OK?

Your pal,   -doc-

Yes, *way* too many interfaces, how did I ever keep them all straight? It certainly wasn't through careful planning, too much of this site happened by accident, while I wasn't paying attention, I'd have set it up quite differently if I was building it from scratch today. These aren't all of them, there's many variations on a theme, that you'll probably never see. Or maybe you will, the older pages have links to pages older still not in this list. Have fun!

Your pal,   -doc-

It may stop, but it never ends!