(Note: this matter has already been concluded, please don't bother mailing anyone else about it. Old news.)

So, I have these two friends who created this totally cool local music site. Conal Garrity and Shawn Lee developed the "Minneapolis MusicScene E'zine", Which has been getting some nationwide attention from some bigwigs in the music industry. Cool, eh?

The only problem now is this new site based out of Yakima Washington, that has this *very* familiar interface. Now this is a such a new industry, and since most of us doing this kind of work don't have big legal bucks behind us, I figure the best way to handle a situation like this is to let these guys feel the wrath of public opinion. Do me a favor and drop either Jxxxx Lxxxx or Wxxxxx Hxxxxx (the 2 folks running Yakima Music News) a note and let them know that this kinda crap is *not* OK. Thanks a bunch!

Your pal, -doc-

Minneapolis MusicScene E'zine
(established November 1996)

Yakima Music News
("new" graphics added February 1997)