Play is important. Having *fun* is important, both in your off time, and also at work as well. I had a long, drunken discussion with a friend of mine about 10 years ago talking about goals. We were joking about the unrealistic notions we had when we were kids, and how it had all turned out so far. When I was little, I decided I would be a millionaire by the time I was 21. When I turned 21, I gave myself till I was 25. When 25 came and went, I was too busy to notice, but I sure as hell wasn't a millionaire yet! Now here we were, 30 or so, and I snapped. The HELL with it! I don't necessarily want to be rich, I don't care about being famous, I only want to be happy, that's all. A simple wish, and one that covers all my bases, if I need to be rich to be happy, so be it. Rich isn't my goal, HAPPY is! I'm still working on it, and getting better at it all the time. :) Having fun and playing is an important part of this.

All of the coolest things I ever did for a client, I did here on this site first. When *I* get bored, I sit around and play with my website, this is my hobby first, and my job second. All of my interfaces are toys, but here's some of my favorites from over the years, every page I ever created is still here in this confusing place I call OZONE. Here goes...

World Locator Map, November-December 1999

    Oooh. This is pretty cool, even if I do say so myself. The frames come across kinda off in NS, it doesn't do precise measurements of frames properly, so I'll have to do this over with all one page, and the entire thing in DIV's, so use IE5 for the total experience, even though it will work in any 4.0 or better browser, even IE4.5 on Macintosh, and hardly *anything* works there! <g> For now it works, and it's pretty sharp, I love it! Check this out, you *will* thank me.
Spotsgame, circa. 1999
    More silly DHTML fun. This one is way cool, check it out.
Rev105, circa. 1997
    Oh, the Revolution Radio pages, I loved these! This is linked off of my work section, but it's more of toy, so it gets *two* links!
Millenium Countdown Clock, circa. 1999
    What it says, a countdown clock to the next millenium (well, the year 2000, OK?) It's all done with images and Javascript, there's also a regular clock as part of the deal. (Warning, uses like 99% of your CPU.)
Smoking Drinking Ozone, circa. 1997
    This one gets linked twice, too, it's one of my very favorite toys. I hacked this together just to learn how to make a form button run a javascript, and it's been one of my most popular pages ever since.
Magic bubbles, for Malin!, circa. 1998
    Just a little toy for Malin, created with Shockwave Flash. It doesn't do anything really, just looks pretty.
Kungshamn Dreams, circa. 1998-99
    This is a shared project I've started with Malin, a fantasy world where the landscape is based on the actual topography around the coastal towns of Kungshamn and Smögen, on the western coast of Sweden.
Malinelise!, circa. 1999
    A pretty little present for my sweetheart. (I'll animate this later this weekend! :) Oh, Okay, you may have noticed, it turned into my front page. so it goes, she still loves me!
Tick-Tock!, circa. 1994
    A bit of play with frames and server-push, cycling through maybe 50 or so little bitty pages. I liked it. :)
Satan for Windowz™!, circa. 1995
    Hee! A programmer frind of mine created this in response to all the hysteria over the SATAN tool for analyzing UNIX servers for security flaws. All the little hackerz wanted a tool to do 'hack' into places, but all they had was Windows, and little or no UNIX knowledge. SFW was a real application, written in Visual Basic, but it didn't hack, it had one function, to look cool and then crash. It also needed about 50 bogus .DLL files that were nothing more than random strings of garbage with a checksum at the start. Periodically the application would 'corrupt' your .DLL filez, and you'd need to find another copy. OK, so I'm not always a nice guy. ;)
Those Annoying Post Bros., circa. 1994-95
    The Post Brothers: Two funloving but extremely twisted bad-boys hailing from the wrong side of Bugtown. They are very greedy, pathologically trigger-happy, completely corruptible, endlessly irritating, psychotically solipsistic, and - unfortunately for all - possessed of the ability to instantly shift between all possible reality levels. The Universe is their oyster, and they like it raw.
    This was actually the very first series of web pages I ever made, they formed the core of all that followed. Cool!
TOYpages, circa. 1996
    This was just a whole bunch of my favorite toys, all on one page. I'm easily amused. ;)
Global Thermonuclear War, circa. 1995
    I like Atom Bombs, who doesn't?
CLICK!, circa. 1995
    Do not eat CLICK.
The DEMO disk, circa. 1996
    A director movie, suitable for burning on a floppy disk. Also available as a 402k shockwave file, if you've got the time.
DWEEZ'Ls, circa. 1999
    Some DHTML play based off of an old comic book of mine from 1990 or so. I was fascinated with the end-of-the-world hysteria even then!
My first FLASH movie!, circa. 199x? (whatever)
    Just a full screen flash movie, leading to a flash movie, leading to my front page. Silly, really.
Flourish, circa. 1997
    OK, you've probably seen the flamin doughnut that shrinks and expands so smoothly? It's a simple 5 frame javascript animation, using the setTimeout() method. Here it is, all by it's lonesome, a good learning tool.
Gindex 14, circa. 1996
    Another silly Director Shockwave toy, there's a few of them, follow the doughnuts.
Apocalypse Shockwave, circa. 1996
    More silly shockwave toys, these ones for my old web bureau Apocalypse Studios.
GreyWheat, circa. 1997
    Another old javascript toy, with sliding panels. Too much bandwidth to ever get used.
The Basic Grey Interface, circa. 1997
    This is my old grey javascript interface, four buttons and a display screen, on a page all by itself. A good learning toy.
The Comedia Playground!, circa. 1999
    WAY too much, happening all on the same page. A reaction to too much restrictive style guides, I just snapped, I'm sorry!
Ozone-Cammy, circa. 1995-99
    Whoah, I just *had* to add a link to my cammy here, it's my favorite toy, affording me hours of pleasure!
The Spaceship Notebooks, circa. 1997
    I keep these sketchbooks, little ones, and draw in them all the time, that's where most of my design happens. This was one result.
The Basement, (continual work in progress)
    There's always more than I can list. Check out the basement, I store all sorts of links in there, the interfaces are the best toys, but there's so many of them! Go, look, explore.

[prototypes], these are all quite new.

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| spots5 | spots6 | sidesphere | spots7 |
| spots8 | spotsgame | ball1 | ball2 |

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