Here's some cool addresses (including that hack's called LoPhat Industries (I believe)...anyhow my home Bookmark list is much larger but this is the one on the machine at work: <

TeleCircus San Francisco
Time Server
TrueSpace Demo
L0pht Heavy Industries
Lycos search:
Marvel-Library of Congress
Harmony Central Main Menu
Goddard Center Networking Environment Homepage

Schlep me some good links when you get a chance....stuff that I'm interested in anyhow..or stuff that I might be interested in...or stuff you think is interesting....anyhow I've been putting together the show for "Out There" on Jan. 21st...I'm in the process of making up slides...if you have anything you want to submit let me know (digital or otherwise)...Happy Fucking New Year!!! ....I didn't make any resolutions so I don't have to break any either .