Welcome to TickTock!

    This page is intended to be your entryway into the world of tick-tock, an experimental, NS 2.0 specific, multi-media, catchphrase-stuffed, HTML page.

    Now, why should you need such a thing? Well first off, to quote, IF YOU'RE NOT USING NS 2.0 OR BETTER, YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME HERE. Ahem! Sorry about that, I usually avoid that phrase as much as possible, but in this case it's necessary. Tick-Tock uses frames, and NS 2.0 is the only browser to incorporate frames, so...

    ANYways, I try out a lot of my newest tricks here, and some things you should be warned of.

    • First, this page is a RAM-pig, so you'd better up your memory partition for NS to at least 8megs, preferably higher.
    • Second, I'm experimenting with Plug-ins, most notably the Quicktime Plugin for incorporating MIDI music to the page. If you don't have it, you will see an error message bitching about your lack of this essential software. You have 3 choices...
Click on the warping clocks to enter Tick-Tock!