HP 9000 K-Class SMP Server

Product Brief HP 9000 Servers

With its state-of-the-art design,the HP 9000 K-Class SMP Server is powerful and highly expandable, and it represents a robust symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) implementation. It offers unprecedented midrange performance and lasting value. The HP 9000 K-Class server is based on the latest HP Precision Architecture RISC (PA-RISC) technology, the PA-7200 processor, which features 64-bit instruction and data cache paths plus internal 64-bit floating point registers. The K-Class SMP server is board upgradable to future 64-bit ultra high-performance PA-8000 technology. The K-Class servers will offer a 10X performance range within its existing compact and affordable system cabinet. The true benefit of the sophisticated PA-7200 CPU design is the resulting simplicity of the K-Class system-level architecture. It is cost-effective, modular, easy to upgrade, and reliable, and it provides high commercial and technical performance. K-Class midrange servers provide unmatched performance, easy upgradability, and investment protection - now and in the future.

HP 9000 K-Class SMP Server Product Brief HP 9000 Servers
Table1 . HP 9000 K-Class Configuration Options

                         K100            K200            K210 
PA-RISC Processor        100 MHz         100 MHz         120 MHz 
                         PA-7200         PA-7200         PA-7200 
SMP Configuration        Uniprocessor    1-, 2-, 3-,     1-, 2-, 3-, 
                         or 4-way        or 4-way        or 4-way 
Minimum-Maximum          32-512          64-1024         64-1024 
  Memory (MB) 
Cache (Instr./Data)      256/256K        256/256K        256/256K 
  per CPU 
Maximum HP-PB            4               4               4 
I/O Slots 
Maximum HP               1               1               1 
  High-Speed System Connection I/O (HP-HSC) Slots 
Internal Fast/Wide       4               4               4 
  SCSI-2 Disk Bays 
Maximum                  3.8TB           3.8TB           3.8TB 
Differential Disk
Capacity Supported* K220 K400 K410 K420 PA-RISC Processor 1200 MHz 100 MHz 120 MHz 120 MHz PA-7200 PA-7200 PA-7200 PA-7200 SMP Configuration 1-, 2-, 3-, 1-, 2-, 3-, 1-, 2-, 3-, 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-way or 4-way or 4-way or 4-way Minimum-Maximum 128-1024 128-2048 128-2048 128-2048 Memory (MB) Cache (Instr./Data) 1/1MB 256/256K 256/256K 1/1MB per CPU Maximum HP-PB 4 8 8 8 I/O Slots Maximum HP 1 5 5 5 High-Speed System Connection I/O (HP-HSC) Slots Internal Fast/Wide 4 4 4 4 SCSI-2 Disk Bays
Maximum 3.8TB 8.3TB 8.3TB 8.3TB Fast/Wide Differential Disk Capacity Supported* Standard K-Class 802.3 LAN, F/W SCSI-2, serial UPS control port, I/O features: remote console modem, integrated port for external modem, single-endede SCSI-2 (for internal media), RS-232 MUX distribution port, keyboard, mouse, and parallel Centronics port Graphics Support 20 color graphics (optional) Monitors 17 in. color 1280 x 1024 or 20 in. color 1280 x 1024 Connector VGA-style 15 pin D-sub Sync On green video signal Graphic Software X11R5, PEX, and Starbase capabilities with optional expansion cabinets using 4GB disk drivers
Key Features

Figure 1. HP 9000K-Class System View Performance Profile (see copy)

Built for Speed

The design of the HP 9000 K-Class server produces incredible system throughput performance. Key elements include the 960 MB/s peak processor-memory bus bandwidth, the all-new 288 MB/s capable multi-channel I/O sub-system, the standard high-speed 20 MB/s Fast/Wide Differential SCSI-2 disk channel, and optional high-speed networking capabilities such as FDDI, ATM, and Fibre Channel (available in the future).

Affordable Single-System Cabinet Design

The K-Class features ultra high-speed system throughput com-bined with multiple generations of advanced PA-RISC CPUs, all provided within a single-system cabinet solution. It can deliver a 10X performance range with present and future board upgrades. The K-Class server spans from the K100 entry-level configuration to the maximum performance and expanded configurability of the K420.

Enterprise-Class UNIX(R) Environment

Complementing the superior K-Class architectural design, HP continues the tradition of provid-ing the most robust commercial operating environment. HP's HP-UX operating system, the enterprise-class UNIX operating environment, offers over 10,000 best-in-class client/ server applications from the industry's foremost software suppliers. In addition, HP's high availability, application development, distributed computing, and transaction monitoring software runs efficiently on the K-Class server, giving you the flexibility to precisely meet your business needs. HP's strategic alliances with systems integrators and resellers ensure that you have the widest choice of open business and technical solutions in the industry.

Table 2. Performance

                                             1 CPU 
                                K200         K210        K220 
                                K400         K410        K420** 

OLTP Performance*               1000 tpm     1,210 tpm   1,460 tpm 
SPEC int92                      135          167         180 
SPECfp92                        221          267         303 
SPECrate_int92                  3,286        3,934       4,479 
SPECrate_fp92                   5,232        6,322       7,290 
SPEC_SFS_1(LADDIS)              1,979 (K400) -   
                                K200         K210        K220 
                                K400         K410        K420** 
OLTP Performance*               1,750tpm     2,100tpm    2,540tpm 
SPECint92                       n/a          n/a         n/a 
SPECfp92                        n/a          347         n/a 
SPECrate_int92                  6,349        7,892       8,610 
SPECrate_fp92                   9,945        12,231      14,021 


                                             4 CPUs 
                                K200         K210        K220 
                                K400         K41         K420** 
OLTP Performance*               3,170tpm     3,800 tpm   4,600 tpm 
SPECint92                       n/a          n/a         n/a 
SPECfp92                        n/a          418         n/a 
SPECrate_int92                  12,316       15,275      17,226 
SPECrate_fp92                   18,090       21,845      26,709e 
LADDIS                          4,363        4,600eS      5,230e 
                                (K400)       (K410)      (K420) 
  • Based on latest operating system and data base technologies.
  • K220/K420 estimates based on preliminary results (12/95).

    Enhanced Reliability and Availability

    The K-Class server incorporates a number of features to enhance its already industry-leading system availability and reliability. In multi-CPU configurations, the server will automatically restart itself and deconfigure a failed CPU. The HP-UX operating system features memory page deallocation, which will automatically block out the portion of memory in which an error has been detected. Other standard features include an integrated, worldwide certified modem for remote management, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) control port, and an auto-speed cooling fan.

    In addition to enhanced reliability and availability in the hardware and operating system, HP offers a full suite of system management, distributed computing, and support products that increase the K-Class server's flexibility.

    Ultimate Upgradability

    The single-system cabinet solution and the expansion breadth of the HP 9000 K-Class server translate into very easy upgrades and high investment protection. Ultimate ease and convenience is achieved with the K-Class server flagship K420 configuration option. Everything is "add and go." The HP 9000 K420 can achieve the full complement of CPUs, maximum memory expansion, and maximum I/O expansion without ever trading off one at the expense of another, as is commonly the case in other platforms.

    HP-UX Internet Features

    In addition to enterprise class capabilities, HP-UX also provides a rich Internet-ready environment featuring services for E-mail, remote access, Internet server function and client configuration services. With the addition of optional worldwide web service and browser solutions, the HP K-Class represents a very powerful Internet solution.

    Table 3 . HP 9000 K-Class Environmental Specifications

    Regulatory               UL Listed, CSA Certified, TUV GS Mark, 
    Compliance:              compliant with EN 60950 and EN 41003 . 
                             Informal support modem world wide 
                             certified and licensed. 
    Electromagnetic          Complies with FCC Rules and Regulations, 
    Interference:            Part 15, as a Class A digital device. 
                             Manufacturer's Declaration to EN 55022 
                             Level A. VCCI Registered. 
                             Class 1. 
    AC Power Input           Range                 Rated Current 
    Voltage Frequency        100V /50-60 Hz        12.5A* 
    (autoranging input):     120-127 V /50-60 Hz   10.5A* 
                             200-240 V /50-60 Hz   6.0A 
    Power Dissipation:       1250 watts or 4263 BTUs/hour 
    Physical Dimensions:     Deskside               Racked 
    - Height:                641.01 mm (25.24 in)   750.25 mm (29.54 in) 
    - Width:                 439.51 mm (17.3 in)    482.60 mm (19.00 in) 
    - Depth:                 609.95 mm (24.01 in)   606.59 mm (23.89 in) 
    - EIA Units:             n/a                    17 
    - Weight:                52.21 - 63.56 kg       61.30 - 72.64kg 
                             (115-140 lbs)          (135-160 lbs) 
    - Operating:             +5 degrees to +40 degreees C (41 degrees to 
                             104 degrees F)
    - Max. Rate of Change:   20 degrees C/hour with hard media, 
                             10 degrees C/hour with tape media 
    - Non-Operating :        -40 degrees to +65 degrees C 
                             (-40 degrees to 149 degrees F) 
    - Non-Operating 
      (with tape media):     -40 degrees to + 45 degrees C 
                             (-40 degrees to 113 degrees F) 

    Relative Humidity: 
      Operating:              15% to 80%, non-condensing, maximum 
                              wet bulb = 26 degrees C 
      Non-Operating:          5% to 90%, non-condensing 

    Altitude: Operating: To 3.0 km (10,000 ft) above sea level Non-Operating: To 4.5 km (15,000 ft) above sea level

    UPS Holdup Time : Minimum of 15 minutes

    Acoustics: Deskside: Less than 5.5 bels (LwA) sound power at 18 degrees C Less than 7.5 bels (LwA) sound power at greater than 40 degrees C Racked: Less than 6.5 bels (LwA) sound power at 18 degrees C Less than 7.5 bels (LwA) sound power at greater than 40 degrees C

  • 15 amp dedicated circuit requird for 100-127 V; 20 amp dedicated circuit recommended for future upgrade to PA-8000 processor.
  • If the full performance and expansion capabilities of the HP† 9000 K4xx are not required, the HP† 9000 K2xx configuration also provides 4-CPU SMP capability. The Model K100 with one CPU beats the performance of compa-rable systems with up to four CPUs. Both the K100 and K2xx can be upgraded to the K4xx server configurations.

    HP 9000 Server Family

    The HP 9000 server family spans the deskside to the data center to meet a wide range of business and technical needs with outstanding price/ performance and easy upgradability.

    All HP 9000 servers are comple-mented by a full range of high-quality HP peripherals, industry-standard networking, a rich set of application development facilities, high-performance database management solutions, and advanced PC and workstation desktop integration products.

    For more information, contact any of our worldwide sales offices or HP Channel Partners. (In the US, call 1 800 637 7740.)

    UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited. TPC Benchmark is a trademark of the Transaction Processing Performance Council.

    The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

    Copyright (C) Hewlett-Packard Co., 1995 All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written permission is prohibited except as allowed under the copyright laws.

    Printed in USA 12/95


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