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Product Brief

HP 9000 Servers

Designed to grow with current and future business needs, the HP 9000 D- Class SMP server is a low-cost solution that offers performance scalability and large expansion capability. HP's newest HP 9000 server family member provides four performance points, featuring up to 2-way SMP performance that rivals midrange servers. The D-Class server also offers two expan-sion models. With four initial performance points and two model ranges, the HP 9000 D-Class server supports both the PA-7100LC and PA-7200 HP Precision Architecture (PA-RISC) processors. The future will also bring support of the ultra high-performance 64-bit PA-8000 family of processors. With capability for a 6X performance scalability range, I/O and storage expandability- all within the same highly affordable system cabinet- the D-Class brings expandability and investment protection previously unseen in the low-end market.

Key Features

Designed for Growth

From its conception, the HP 9000 D-Class server has been designed for unprecedented scalability in a low-cost platform. With easy "in-the-box" upgrade paths through many performance, I/O, and storage points, the HP 9000 D-Class server delivers unbeatable long-term investment protection among entry level systems.

Figure 1. HP 9000 D-Class System View Performance Profile (See original in printed document)

Table 1. HP 9000 D-Class Configuration Options

D200 D210 D250 D310 D350

PA-RISC Processor 75 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz PA-7100LC PA-7100LC PA-7200 PA-7100LC PA-7200

SMP Configuration Uni- Uni- 1 or 2 Uni- 1 or 2 processor processor way SMP processor way SMP Minimum-Maximum Memory 32-512MB 32-512MB 32-768MB 32-512MB 32-768MB Cache(Instr/ 256k 256k 256k Data) perCPU unified unified 256/256K unified 256/256K Total I/O Slots 5 5 5 8 8 Maximum EISAI/O Slots 4 4 4 7 7 Maximum HP-HSC (I/O Slots) 4 4 4 4 5 (High-Speed System Connection)

Internal Hot Plug Fast/Wide SCSI-2 Disk Bays 2(optional 2(optional 2(optional 5 5 upgrade upgrade upgrade from SE from SE from SE SCSI-2) SCSI-2) SCSI-2) Internal SESCSI-2 DiskBays 2 2 2 N/A N/A

Internal Removable Media Bays 3 3 3 3 3 Maximum Fast/Wide SCSI-2 5.0TB 5.0TB 5.0TB 3.8TB 5.0TB Disk Capacity*

Standard D-Class I/O Features 802.3 10Base-T LAN, SE SCSI-2 with external connector, 2xRS232 ports for console and UPS connection, parallel Centronics and PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports.D3XX Only: Fast/Wide SCSI-2 and Remote Management card with integrated modem.

GraphicsSupport 2D color graphics (optional) **

Monitors 17" color 1280 x 1024 or 20" color 1280 x 1024 **

Connector VGA-style 15 pin D-sub **

Sync On green video signal **

Graphic Software X11R5, PEX, and Starbase capabilities**

Table 2. Performance (estimates based on preliminary results- 12/95) 75 MHz 100 MHz 1-way 100 MHz 2-way 100 MHz PA-7100LC PA-7100LC PA-7200 PA-7200 (D200) (D210/D310) (D250/D350) (D250/D350)

OLTP Performance 650 tpm 800 tpm 1100 tpm 2000 tpm SPECint92 115 152 144 N/A SPECfp92 146 194 218 N/A SPECrate_int92 2,717 3,613 3,200 6,300 SPECrate_ fp92 3,400 4,522 5,200 10,100 SPEC_ SFS_ 1 (LADDIS) 796 1,061 --- 1,839

Table 3. HP 9000 D-Class Environmental Specifications Regulatory Compliance UL Listed, CSA Certified, TUV GS Mark, compliant with EN 60950 and EN 41003 Electromagnetic Interference Complies with FCC Rules and Regulations, Part 15,as a Class A digital device. Manufacturer's Declaration to EN 55022 Level A, VCCI Registered, Class 1 AC Input Power 100-120 V, 200-240 V, 50-60 Hz CurrentRequirements 10 A at 120 V, 5.0 A at 220 V Max. Power Dissipation

Model D2XX 540 watt sor 1841 .4 BTUs/hour

Max. Power Dissipation

Model D3XX 690 watts or 2352 .9 BTUs/hour

Physical Dimensions Depth (mm) 551 Width (mm) 259 Height(mm) 604 Weight(kg) 37

Acoustics (Deskside) Lessthan 5.5 bels (LwA) sound power at 30 degrees C

Operating Temperature

Model D2XX +5 degrees to +35 degrees C (41 degrees to 95 degrees F)

Operating Temperature Model D3XX +5 degrees to +40 degrees C (41 degrees to 104 degrees F)

Non-Operating Temperature -40 degrees to +65 degrees C (-40 degrees to 149 degrees F)

Maximum Rate of Temperature Change 20 degrees C/hour with hard media, 10 degreesC/hour with tape media

Operating Relative Humidity 15% to 80%, non-condensing, max. wet bulb = 26 degrees C

Non-Operating Relative Humidity 5% to 90%, non-condensing

Operating Altitude To 3.0km (10,000 ft) above sea level

Non-Operating Altitude To 4.5km (15,000 ft) above sea level

High Performance at an Entry Level Price

Building on HP's strength and experience in server technology, the D- Class offers the performance of midrange servers but at entry-level prices. Scaling to 960 MB/s (peak capacity) processor bus, 320 MB/s I/O subsystem, 2-way SMP PA-RISC processors, and high-speed disk and networking cards, the new HP 9000 D-Class challenges the concept of an entry level platform.

Mission-Critical High Availability

In keeping with HP's tradition of quality and reliability, the HP 9000 D-Class server incorporates many high-availability features such as: auto restart and dealloca-tion of a failed CPU for SMP config-urations; remote management card with built-in modem; and hot plug disk drives allowing on-line replacement and addition of disk drives.

The robust HP-UX operating sys-tem features memory page deallo-cation to block out defective memory segments with single bit errors without the need to reboot. When coupled with the MC/ServiceGuard enterprise high availability solutions, HP's patent-ed Autoraid disk arrays, and HP's intelligent PowerTrust uninterrupt-ible power supplies, HP's D-Class server provides mission-critical availability.

In addition to enterprise class capabilities, HP-UX also provides a rich internet ready environment featuring services for e-mail, remote access, internet server function and client configuration services. With the addition of optional worldwide web service and browers solutions. The HP D-Class represents a powerful internet solution.

Enterprise-Class UNIX (r) at the Entry Level

HP's enterprise-class HP-UX operating system offers best-in-class, UNIX- based open systems client/server applications from the industry's premier software suppliers.

HP's strategic alliances with systems integrators and resellers ensure you are able to choose from the broadest spectrum of open business and technical solu-tions. Well over 10,000 applications are available for HP-UX.

HP 9000 Server Family

The HP 9000 server family spans the needs of the workgroup to the corporate enterprise, meeting a wide range of business needs with outstanding price/performance and ease of upgradability.

HP 9000 servers are complemented by a full state-of-the-art range of high-quality peripherals, industry-standard networking, application development tools, database management solutions, and advanced PC integration products. For more information, contact any of our worldwide sales offices or HP Channel Partners. (In the US, call 1 800 637 7740.)

UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited.

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Printed in USA 12/95


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