HP Graphics Technology

Product Brief
Hewlett-Packard VISUALIZE Graphics technology provides superior 
performance at affordable prices. It offers graphical solutions 
for mechanical design, electrical design, architectural engineering, 
geographical information systems, technical software development, 
scientific visualization, and visual simulation, among others. With 
performance as high as 424 PLBsurf and 365 PLBwire (on HP VISUALIZE
-48XP), HP continues to extend the graphics high-end by offering the 
world's fastest integrated 3D graphics.

* Freedom Series from HP
* ProVision 10

(see original for image.)

Graphics specifications are subject to change without notice.
For performance numbers on other supported workstations see the 
appropriate product brief.
* 3D and AA (anti-aliased) 3D vectors are 10 pixel, arbitrary 
  orientation, clip checked.
* Triangles are 50 pixel, Z-buffered, flat shaded, perspective 
  projection, random orientation, clip-checked.
* Lit Quads are 100 pixel, gouraud shaded, phong lighted, perspective 
  projection, random orientation, Z buffered, clipchecked.
* HP VISUALIZE-EG used additional Display Memory (A4452A).
* For performance information on the HP VISUALIZE-IVX and Freedom 
  Series from HP, see product briefs 5964-6048E and 5963-7050E
* For even more performance information, see the GPC web site at 
**AA Vectors only supported on HP VISUALIZE-24/48/48XP

With HP VISUALIZE Graphics, your investment is secure. As your 
computational performance needs change, the HP VISUALIZE Graphics 
design and its closely coupled CPU architecture provide for 
performance scaling with significant improvements in the CPU 
performance. To further accelerate the graphics performance, the
HP VISUALIZE graphics architecture adds dedicated PA-RISC floating 
point-based geometry accelerators to the graphics board.

Leadership performance that is scalable and affordable... HP VISUALIZE

* World's 2D graphics performance leader
* Up to 33 Xmark93 performance
* Resolutions up to 1600 x 1200
* Configurable up to 8 image planes double buffered and 8 overlay planes
* HP Color Recovery provides true color application support (up to 4
  million displayable colors)
* Ideal solution for EDA

* World's 3D graphics price/performance leader
* 3D graphics performance scales from 105 to 168 PLBsurf marks
* HP VISUALIZE-8 offers best 3D performance for cost-sensitive 
  mechanical designers; supports HP Color Recovery
* HP VISUALIZE-24 offers world-class 24 bit 3D graphics performance 
  for mainstream mechanical designers and scientists 

* Fastest 3D solids application performance in the mid-range price class
* 3D graphics performance scales from 206 to 288 PLBsurf marks
* Ideally suited for complex systems design and analysis
* Supports a 16MB memory and 32K x 32K virtual texture cache that allows
  real world materials and textures to be applied to product designs
* True-color double buffering and high-speed data path provides for 
  smooth rotations and animation of images
* Non-destructive overlay annotation support
* Video-out provides hardcopy support for animations and simulations 

(see original for image.)

* World's 3D desktop graphics performance leader
* 424 PLBsurf, 365 PLBwire (world's fastest PLB benchmarks)
* More than 2.5x faster than SGI R10000 Maximum Impact
* 24-bit true-color double buffering
* 16MB texture memory and video-out support

* World's 2D imaging price/performance leader
* Display performance of 40+ million pixels per second enables 
  real-time dynamic interaction with 2D sensory data
* Target markets include: medical imaging, military imaging 
  (photographic, radar, infrared, sonar data), and geographic
  Information Systems

* One of the fastest 2D vector graphics accelerators available. The 
  HCRX-8 provides 8/8 double buffering while the HCRX-24 provides 
  12/12 double buffering for smooth rotations of complex 3D wire 
  frames. HCRX-8 and HCRX-24 provide overlay planes for fast non
  -destructive menuing and hardware-assisted video decompression for 
  real-time video playback. The HCRX-24 offers 24 planes for full 24
  -bit graphics accuracy and 16.7 million colors. The HCRX-8 uses the 
  patented HP Color Recovery technology for approximately 4 million 
  colors in 8 planes.

* These graphics accelerators are best suited for 2D ECAD, 3D wire
  -frame and 8- or 24- bit imaging used in scientific visualization, 
  GIS, or design analysis.

Freedom Series from HP
* The Freedom Series offers superior OpenGL performance and supports
  advanced features such as full scene anti-aliasing, stencil planes, 
  accumulation buffers and tri-linear MIP mapped texture mapping. It 
  offers scalable performance through the addition of more performance 
  modules (up to 8).

* The Freedom Series from HP is uniquely suited for geometry-rich OpenGL 
  applications that use texture mapping found in advanced visualization 
  and visual simulation.

ProVision 10
* The ProVision 10 is an EISA bus expansion chassis containing single,
  dual, or triple VPX rendering cards for high-performance, photo
  -textured, shaded, stereo graphics.

* The ProVision 10 system is completely integrated with an assortment of 
  Virtual Reality peripherals for tracking movements, navigating in 3D
  space, becoming visually immersed, using audio capabilities including 
  3D spatial sound, and using haptic devices for a sense of touch.

* Division Incorporated is a leading supplier of Virtual Reality 
  solutions, including hardware, software, and consulting services.

* Division's dVISE and dVS software packages for virtual reality 
  authoring and collaborative virtual prototyping can also be used 
  with HP VISUALIZE-48 and -48XP graphics to a monitor display 
  allowing navigation with a mouse or spaceball.

For more information, contact any of our worldwide sales offices or HP 
Channel Partners (In the U.S., call 1-800-637-7740; in Canada, call 
Look for HP on the Internet (http://www.hp.com and www.hp.com

United States: 
Hewlett-Packard Company 
2101 Gaither Road
Rockville, MD 20850                301 670 4300

Hewlett-Packard Company 
5201 Tollview Drive 
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008          708 255 9800

Hewlett-Packard Company 
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Suite 800 Van Nuys, CA 91411       818 786 5800

Hewlett-Packard Company 
2015 South Park Place 
Atlanta, GA 30339                  404 955 1500

Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd. 
5150 Spectrum Way
Mississauga, Ontario 
L4W 5G1 Canada                     416 206 4725

Latin America: 
Latin America Region
Headquarters Monte 
Pelvoux No. 111-2nd 
Floor Lomas de
Chapultepec 11000 Mexico, D.F.     525 202 0155

Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. 
3-29-21, Takaido-Higashi,
Sugimami-ku, Toyko, 
#168 Japan                         +81 3 3335 8970

Asia Pacific: 
Asia Pacific Ltd. 17-21 F,
Shell Tower Times Square 
1 Matheson Street Causeway Bay

Hong Kong:                         +852 2599 7777

China:                             +86 10 505 3888

Taiwan:                            +886 80 212559

Korea:                             +82 2 769 0700

Singapore:                         +65 290 6369

Malaysia:                          +60 298 6555

Australia/New Zealand: 
Hewlett-Packard Australia Ltd. 
31-41 Joseph Street Blackburn, 
Victoria 3130 
Melbourne, Australia               +61 3 272 2895 

European Headquarters 
& Multicountry Sales Region:
Hewlett-Packard S.A. Route 
du Nant-d'Avril 150 CH-1217
Meyrin 2 Switzerland               +41 22 780 8111

Austria:                           +43 1 25000 0 

Belgium:                           +32 2 778 3111

Commonwealth of 
Independent States (CIS):          +7 09 9235001

Czech Republic:                    +42 2 4717321

Denmark:                           +45 45 99 1000

Finland:                           +358 0 88721

France:                            +33 1 69918000

Germany:                           +49 7031 140

Greece:                            +30 1 6896411

Hungary:                           +36 1 2524505

Iceland:                           +354 1 671000

Ireland:                           +353 1 2844633

Italy:                             +39 2 92 122770

Netherlands:                       +31 20 5476911

Norway:                            +47 22 735600

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Portugal:                          351 1 3017343

Spain:                             +34 1 6311600

Sweden:                            +46 8 444 2000

Switzerland:                       +41 1 7357111

Turkey:                            +90 212 2245925

United Kingdom:                    +44 344 369231

For Countries not listed:
Middle East and 
Africa Operations:                 +41 22 780 4111

Front cover screen credit: CATIA Software from Dassault Systemes.
The information contained in this document is subject to change 
without notice. Copyright (c) Hewlett-Packard Co., 1996
All rights reserved. 

Printed in U.S.A. 5/96


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