HP VISUALIZE Workstations Power Desktop Models C160 and C180-XP

Product Brief

HP VISUALIZE Workstation Models C160 and C180-XP bring the world's 
fastest graphics and fastest processor to the desktop. The combination 
of superior graphics, compute performance, and price/performance makes 
these HP VISUALIZE C-Class systems ideal for MDA, EDA, Exploration and
Production, GIS, and Medical Imaging applications - as well as fluid 
dynamics and structural analysis, thanks to their out-standing floating 
point performance. HP's commitment to compatibility and investment 
protection means that users can run existing application binaries on 
the new PA-8000 processor and be assured of a smooth migration to future 

Technical Specifications        C160                 C180-XP
System Processing Unit 

Central processor               PA-8000              PA-8000  
Clock frequency                 160MHz               180MHz 
Number of processors            1                    1

Performance (using HP-UX 10.20)
SPECint95                       10.4                 11.8 
SPECfp95                        16.3                 18.7 
SPECint_base95                  9.4                  10.8 
SPECfp_base95                   15.2                 17.2 
Linpack (100x100) compiled 
(with f77+O all+Oinline=daxpy)  140 MFLOPS           158 MFLOPS 
Linpack (1000x1000) hand-coded 
(in PA-RISC 2.0 assembly code)  421 MFLOPS           480 MFLOPS

Memory Management Unit 
Virtual memory address          48 bit               48 bit 
Instruction TLB and data TLB    Unified 96 page      Unified 96 page
                                entries, additional  entries, additional
                                four-entry           four-entry
                                instruction TLB      instruction TLB
                                lookaside,           lookaside,
                                variable page size,  variable page size,
                                fully associative    fully associative

Primary Cache 
Instruction cache size    512KB                   1MB 
Organization              Direct mapped           Direct mapped 
Bus width                 128 bit                 128 bit 
Instruction cache bus     2.56 GB/sec I-fetch     2.88 GB/sec I-fetch
  peak performance        (16 byte)               (16 byte) 
Data cache size           512KB                   1MB 
Organization              Direct mapped           Direct mapped 
Data cache bus peak       2.5 6GB/sec load        2.88 GB /sec load
 performance              (16 byte),              (16 b y t e ),
                          1.28 GB /sec            1.44 GB/sec 
                          single store (8 byte)   single store (8 byte)
Main Memory 
Type                      ECC DRAMS single-bit    ECC DRAMS single-bit 
                          correct double-bit      correct double-bit 
                          detect 60 ns 4 Mbit,    detect 60 ns 4 Mbit, 
                          16 Mbit and 64 Mbit     16 Mbit and 64 Mbit 
                          DRAM technology         DRAM technology 
Capacity                  32MB-1.5 GB             32MB-1.5 GB 
                          (w/64 Mbit)             (w/64 Mbit)
Main memory bus width     128 data bits           128 data bits
                          w/16 check bits         w/16 check bits 
Interleaving              up to 8-way             up to 8-way 
Main memory bus           
  peak performance        960MB/sec               960MB/sec 
Memory options            32MB-1.5GB in 32MB,     32MB - 1.5GB in 32MB,
                          64MB, 128MB or 256MB    64MB, 128MB, or 256MB 
                          increments              increments 
Memory expansion slots    12 configured           12 configured 
                          in pairs                in pairs

Graphic Specifications C160
Graphics Performance (using HP-UX 10.20)

Graphics    |
processing  | 3D    AA     3D     LS    X      PLB    PLB     X11    TM          
Unit        | KV/s  KV/s   KT/s   KQ/s  mark93 wire93 surf93  Klines KT/s 
VISUALIZE-EG| 4000         75     48    34.4   90     58      5800 
HCRX-24     | 3100         75     48    21.0   87     59      3400 
VISUALIZE-8 | 2300         680   315    21.0  103    168      3400 
VISUALIZE-24| 2300  875    680   315    21.0  103    168      3400 
VISUALIZE-48| 6600 3400   1870   931    22.2  240    288             400
Connector - VISUALIZE-EG                     EVC connector
           -VISUALIZE-8, -24, -48, and HCRX  VGA-style 15-pin D sub 
Sync                                         On green video signal 
Monitors                                     17 in. color 1280x1024 or 
                                             20 in. color 1280x1024

Graphics Software 
X11R6, PEX, PHIGS, Starbase Capabilities, and HP PowerShade

Graphic Specifications C180-XP
Graphics Performance (using HP-UX 10.20)

Graphics    |
processing  | 3D    AA    3D     LS    X       PLB     PLB      TM          
Unit        | V/s   KV/s  T/s    Q/s   mark93  wire93  surf93   KT/s 
Visualize   |
  -48xp     | 10.4m 6800  3.9m   1.9m  25.1    365     424      800

Connector     EVC connector 
Sync          On green video signal 
Monitors      17in. color 1280x1024 or 20in. color 1280x1024
  Software    X11R6, PEX, PHIGS, Starbase Capabilities, 
              and HP Power Shade

The new PA-8000 C-Class Models C160
and C180-XP are designed for future
expandability to protect customer
investment. New features include:

* PA-8000 processor - 64-bit PA 2.0
architecture combines high clock
speed, advanced four-way superscalar
design, and full binary compatibility
with existing PA-RISC binaries.

* Graphics Superiority - The new HP
VISUALIZE-48XP graphics make the
Model C180-XP the desktop 3D graphics
performance leader.

* The Model C160 supports all previous
HP VISUALIZE graphics offerings, comes
standard with HP VISUALIZE-EG and
adds support for HP VISUALIZE-IVX.

* Memory Capacity - Four new memory
slots bring total to 12, with capacity for
32-768MB. Memory expansion to 1.5GB
will be possible with forthcoming 256MB
memory module (available late 1996).

* High-speed Bus - Bandwidth
between memory and CPU improves
performance in a wide range of

* Expanded I/O - The new C-Class
now provides 3.3V PCI slots. In addition,
graphics subsystem is integrated on
the CPU board, freeing up an I/O slot
to make all four available.

* Larger Caches - Large off-chip
caches use a fully pipelined, low-latency
design addressed by a 128-bit
high-performance interface bus.
The C-Class workstation modular
design provides for simple installation,
flexibility of use, and fast, easy
servicing. This is accomplished
through design features such as:

* Built-in expandability

* Plug-in memory modules

* Board-to-board connections reducing
the need for internal cables.

The C-Class family, with its attractive
new desktop package delivers true
application performance in the class
of a personal supercomputer at a
workstation price.

Operating System
HP-UX 10.20 is required.
HP-UX 10.20 complies with IEEE POSIX
1003.1 and 1003.2, System V Interface
Definition (SVID) Issue III (Base
System and all Extensions, except
"signals"), X/Open Portability Guide
Issue IV (XPG4) XPG4 UNIX Æ Profile
(Base Branding), and OSF/Motif 1.2,
ISO 9660 with Rockridge extensions.

HP-UX 10.20 also complies with IS
9945/1 and Base Component and all
Optional Components except XTI.
X Window System
Version 11 Release 6 (X11R6),
OSF/Motif 1.2

C/ANSI C, C++, Fortran/9000, Pascal,
COBOL, and PA-RISC Assembler

User Interface
HP CDE (Common Desktop Environment)

User-Friendly Features
]HP CDE, OSF/Motif, X11 Window
System, Instant Ignition, Soft Power Down

System Processing Unit
Physical Dimensions
Desktop orientation:
  5.44 in. (13.8 cm)
  21.24 in. (53.9 cm)
  17.6 in. (41.1 cm excluding rear handle)
Tower orientation
  21.46 in. (54.5 cm) with stand
  21.24 in. (54.0 cm) without stand
  11.0 in. (27.9 cm) with stand
  5.44 in. (13.8 cm) without stand
  20.5 in. (52.1 cm) with stand
  19.0 in. (48.3 cm) without stand
Net weight
Min. configuration
  37 lbs (16.7 kg)
Fully loaded
  47 lbs (21.1 kg)

Power Source Consumption
9.5 Amps RMS max @ 100 - 120 VAC
5 Amps RMS max @ 220 - 240 VAC
Auto ranging
  100 - 120 VAC +/- 10%
  220 - 240 VAC +/- 10%
Line frequency
  48 - 66 Hz
Maximum power input
  525 watts
Miti Power Consumption
  157 watts

Environmental Specifications
  Operating 0-10,000 ft (0-3000m)
  Non-operating 0-40,000 ft (0-12,000m)
Magnetic Field Interference
  Operating (A. C. Pk-Pk, or DC)
  @ 4 product surfaces
  5 Gauss
<2 milligauss D.C. @ 2.1 meters
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  FCC Class B
Electrostatic Discharge
Air discharge
  0-15 kV, no effect
  Contact discharge
  0-4 kV, no effect
Humidity (non-condensing)
Leakage Current
  less than 3.5 mA
  +5 to +40 degrees C
  -40 to +70 degrees C
  20 g at less than 3 ms, 1/2 sine in
  Bottom and side orientations with
  no hard errors
  80 g at less than 3 ms, 1/2 sine
  Operating random
  0.21 G rms, 5 - 500 Hz
  Swept sine survival
  0.5 G peak, 5 - 500 Hz
Random survival
  2.09 G rms, 5 - 500 Hz

Regulatory and Safety
Regulatory Compliance
Federal Communications Com. (FCC)
  47 CFR Part 15 Class B
VCCI Class 2

Product Safety
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  listed UL 1950
  certified 22.2950M
Licensed to TUV EN60950

Electromagnetic Compatibility
(EMC) Directive
EN55022/CISPR 22 Class B
EN55024-2/IEC 801-2
EN55024-3/IEC 801-3
EN55024-4/IEC 801-4

TUV ZH-1/618
90/270 EEC

Human Interface
PC Style Layout
101/102 Key, PC standard
  18 in. (46 cm)
  7 in. (18 cm)
Height (3 angle settings)
  1.5 in. (4 cm) lowest
  2.2 in. (5.5 cm) highest
  3.4 lbs (1.48 kg)

HP-HIL Layout
  109 Key, HP-ITF
  17.5 in. (44.4 cm)
  7 in. (18 cm)
Height (3 angle settings)
  1.62 in. (4 cm) lowest
  2 in. (5 cm) highest
  3.3 lbs (1.54 kg)

Pointing Devices
3-button mouse
Various CAD picking/pointing/valuating
devices also available in RS-232C serial

Interface Specifications
PC Style, IBM PS/2-compatible
  MiniDIN pair
Data rate
  2.5 K 11-bit samples/sec
Power available
  4A Fused

HP-HIL, 1.0 Amp
  Device limit
  7 per interface

  Integrated Crystal CS4215 codec,
  CD-quality stereo, supported by HP
  Audio API
Digital data formats
  8, 11.025, 16, 22.05, 32,44.1, and 48 KHz
  sampling, 16-bit linear, 8-bit
  mu-law or A-law encoding
  External stereo line (47Kohms, 2V peak),
  3.5mm phone
  Internal stereo line (47 Kohms, 2V peak)
  Mono microphone (1Kohms, 22mV peak)
  3.5mm phone, 1.5Vdc phantom
  power on ring
  Stereo line (2.8V peak-to-peak), 618ohms
  source, 47K load), 3.5mm phone
  Stereo Headphone (2.75V peak-to-peak,
  118 ohms source, 50 ohms load), 3.5mm
  Internal speaker
Volume switch/mute

Multimedia Options Software
HP MPower V2.03 with bundled
  SharedX and DeskScan/UX
HP Digital Video Player for MPEG
  compressed digital files
Video Playback to 30 frames/sec
  (352x240 pixel frame)
  Pause, stop, looping, reverse play
  back, random frame access
  Image viewer
  Audio Editor/Player
  MultiMedia Mail
  Screen Capture

  Integrated audio
  Optional graphics
  Support for optional video in/out
Integrated LAN Interfaces
  IEEE 802.3/Ethernet
Data rate
  10 Mbits/sec
Connectors - 2 Standard
  15 pin AUI
  RJ45 UTP [Twisted Pair]
Networking services
  NCS, NFS, Berkeley 4.3 TCP-IP, BSD
  4.3 Network Services and ARPA Services

Internal Storage Devices
Maximum Internal Storage: up to two
FWD SCSI disk drives, plus up to two SE
SCSI removable media
Disk Drives
2.0 GB Disk Drive
Rotational speed
  5400 rpm
Average latency
  5.6 ms
Average seek
  11.0 ms
Average access time
  16.5 ms
Media transfer rate
  2.7 - 5.5 MB/sec
Burst transfer rate
  20 MB/sec
4.0GB Disk Drive
Rotational speed
  7200 rpm
Average latency
  4.17 ms
Average seek
  9.0 ms
Average access time
  13.17 ms
Media transfer rate
  5.3 - 8.94 MB/sec
Burst transfer rate
  20 MB/sec

CD-ROM Drive
Burst data transfer rate
  1.5 MB/sec
  4.2 MB/sec
Buffer size
  256 KB
Access time
Random access
  190 ms
Full stroke access
  340 ms

4mm DDS-1 Tape Drive
Capacity w/o data compression
  2.0 GB w/90 meter tape
Capacity w/data compression
  4.0 GB w/90 meter tape typical
Burst data transfer rate
  max. 1.5 MB/sec
  5.0 MB/sec
Buffer size
  512 KB
Access time
  40 sec. file access time average
  on 90 meter tape

4mm DDS-2 Tape Drive
Capacity w/o data compression
  4.0 GB w/120 meter tape
Capacity w/data compression
  8.0 GB w/120 meter tape typical
Burst data transfer rate
  3.0 MB/sec
  7.5 MB/sec
Buffer Size
  1 MB
Access time
  40 sec. file access
  time average on 90 meter tape
Floppy Drive
Low density
  1 MB
  720 KB
Transfer rate
  250 Kbits/sec
High density
  2 MB
  1.44 MB
Transfer rate
  500 Kbits/sec

Access time
  3 msec
Seek settling
  15 msec

Standard I /O Specifications C-Class Family
SCSI Interface (1) Standard 
Type            SCSI-II:Single-Ended, 8bit 
Data rate       5MB/sec synchronous, 1.5 MB /sec asynchronous 
                with standard length cables 
Device limit    7 devices 
Connector       ALT-1 of SCSI-II 50-pin high density

SCSI Interface (1) Standard 
Type            SCSI-II: Fast-Wide Differential-for hard disk drives 
Data rate       20MB/sec synchronous, asynchronous support 
Device limit    15 devices 
Connector       SCSI-III P-connector, 68-pin high density

Serial Interface (2) Standard 
Type            EIA RS232C, CCITT V.24/V.28 
Data rate       to 460.8 kbps (16550A UART) Connector 9-pin male DTE 
                (PC Standard)

Parallel Interface (Standard) 
Type            Centronics, BUSY handshake 
Data rate       300+KB/sec with DMA; 200 KB/sec sustained 
Connector       25-pin female (PC Standard)

Slots (4 slots total) 
Number of slots 2 standard 
Width           32-bit 
Frequency       33 MHz 
Peak bus 
 performance    132MB/sec Signalling 3.3V

Number of slots 3 standard 
Width           32-bit address, 32-bit data 
Peak bus 
  performance   33 MB/sec memory write

Graphics System Connect (GSC) 
Number of slots 4 standard
Width           32-bit multiplexed address/data bus 
Peak bus 
 performance    Write 142 MB/sec, sustained write 98 MB/sec 
Frequency       40 Mhz
Monitors                17 in.                  20 in.                 |
--------                ------                  ------                 |
Cable and                                                              |
Connectors              detachable 15-pin       integrated cable with  |
                        male-to-male            15-pin male to male    |
                                                connector              |
Screen                                                                 |
Refresh Rate            50-150Hz (multisync)    50-150Hz (multisync)   |
Video Signals           RS-343A                 RS-343A                |
Resolution              Up to 1280x1024         Up to 1280x1024        |
Line Voltage            88-264VAC               90-264VAC              |
Line Frequency          47-63Hz                 47-63Hz                |
Maximum Current         2.0A/1.0A               3.0A/1.8A              |
Power Consumption       120 Watts Max.          150 Watts Max.         |
Height                  16.8 in. (426mm)        19.43 in. (493mm)      |
Width                   17.1 in. (434mm)        18.58 in. (472mm)      |
Depth                   17.5 in. (444mm)        19.72 in. (501mm)      |
Net Weight              41.8 lbs (19.0 kg)      64.9 lbs (29.5 kg)     |

UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, l
icensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited.

Front cover screen in orignal document courtesy of CATIA Software
Copyright  (C) Hewlett-Packard Co., 1996 
Printed in U.S.A. 

The information contained in this document is subject to change 
without notice.

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