HP MPower Web 1.0: The Enterprise User's Gateway to Information


The HP family of HP MPower Web 1.0 family of products helps enterprise users share information seamlessly across the Internet and Intranet.

HP MPower Web products offer an integrated and powerful set of Web browsers and tools, providing World Wide Web access and data viewing from HP workstations, servers, and X terminals, with collaboration tools (HP MPower) on the client side. Working with the Enterprise Connectivity Information Access Engine, HP-licensed firewalls and Web server bundles, users can enjoy easy, secure access to mission-critical databases throughout the technical enterprise.

HP MPower Web products include several HP MPower data viewers-as well as a new VRML-based 3D Model Viewer-to support concurrent engineering on HP system platforms. These data viewers and utilities let users capture and view 2D and 3D images, allowing enterprise-wide information sharing.

Future releases of MPower Web products will span the range of HP computers, from PCs through clusters, and include support for high-performance graphics, Graphical User Interface (GUI) services, real-time collaboration, workflow management, authoring, software development, distributed computing, and system management.

HP MPower Web is available as an Instantly Ignited product, separate from the HP-UX core release, that is enabled at boot time.


Netscape Navigator Internet Client
At the heart of HP MPower Web is the Netscape Navigator Internet Client, which provides:

Data Viewers
HP MPower Web bundles a number of HP MPower data viewers, as well as the new Model Viewer, to support concurrent engineering on HP system platforms. These data viewers and utilities enable capturing and viewing of 2D images, allowing information to be shared across the enterprise with HP MPower Web collaborative tools.

Model Viewer
The Model Viewer, bundled with HP MPower Web, operates either as a helper application for the Netscape Navigator, or as a standalone 3D viewer. The Model Viewer is an application for visualizing 3D models accessed from the World Wide Web or from a local or network file system. Model Viewer's manipulators let users examine 3D objects and scenes from all perspectives and navigate through immersive virtual environments.

Model Viewer supports collaborative/concurrent engineering:

The Model Viewer unpacks compressed files automatically. The initial release uses Starbase, HP's native graphics language; OpenGL is not required. Model Viewer supports two manipulation models: virtual trackball for model examination, and virtual joystick for navigating immersive models.

Image Viewer
The Image Viewer is an application used to view digital images. The Image Viewer supports many image types, including most standard Web, UNIX, and PC image types. Image Viewer supports the following image file types:

Tiff CCITT G4 Tiff G3 XPM
Tiff CCITT G3 Tiff Packbits XWD
Tiff Uncompressed JFIF (JPEG) PCX

Digital Video Player
The Digital Video Player enables playback of MPEG clips, with visual and audio combined, for rich information transfer across the enterprise. The Video Converter utility lets users convert motion JPEG files to MPEG video clips.

Audio Editor and Player
Audio Editor capabilities enable the creation and enhancement of audio files, which can be sent to other workers throughout the enterprise. Supported filetypes include WAV, L16, L8, L08, SND, A-Law, Mu-Law, and Au.

Audio Control
This control panel provides volume control, output selection, mute support, and stop functionality.

Screen Capture
This utility allows saving windows and regions of the display screen to files.

Image Print
This set of built-in actions allows the printing of images from HP MPower Web, using HP SharedPrint.

HP MPower Collaboration Tools
HP MPower collaboration tools enable enterprise-wide knowledge and information sharing, which allows distributed teams to work collaboratively with easily accessed and viewed information. HP was the first in the industry to offer such tools.

Enables collaboration with existing applications and data. The design center of SharedX is non-invasive, real-time, 2D collaboration accomplished by sharing X drawing protocols. SharedX has been an industry-leading collaboration tools since its inception.

SharedX captures and multicasts X drawing protocol and X events to reproduce and coordinate application windows among geographically dispersed displays. SharedX includes:

Whiteboard, used with SharedX, provides real-time collaborative annotation for 2D images, including images captured from 3D applications. It also provides image display and drawing, and supports:

HP MPower 1.0 Web Product Structure
Series 700
B5356AA - HP MPower Web User Environment License to Use (LTU) for Series 700

B5357AA - HP MPower Web User Environment Media Product for Series 700

Series 800
B5358AA - HP MPower Web User Environment LTU for Series 800

B5359AA - HP MPower Web User Environment Media Product for Series 800

(c) Copyright 1996 Hewlett-Packard Company.

June 4, 1996

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