HP News Advisory: HP Releases the Industry's Fastest Webstone Benchmark Results on its HP 9000 K-Class Server

Palo Alto, California. June 26, 1996

Hewlett-Packard Company today released Webstone 2.0 benchmark results establishing the HP 9000 K-class server as the industry's fastest Web server in its category. The HP 9000 Model K100, as well as Model D210, achieved speeds more than 20 percent faster -- with better price/performance -- than comparable servers from Sun Microsystems.

Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global manufacturer of computing, communications and measurement products and services recognized for excellence in quality and support. HP has 108,300 employees and had revenue of $31.5 billion in its 1995 fiscal year.

  1. HP-UX 9.X and 10.0 for HP 9000 Series 700 and 800 computers are X/Open Company UNIX 93 branded products. HP-UX 10.10 is an X/Open UNIX 95 branded product.

  2. PA-RISC stands for Precision Architecture-reduced-instruction-set computing.

(c) Copyright 1995 Hewlett-Packard Company.

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