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1) Products & Services

2) What's New?

3) Support

4) Contact Us!

A hand-sketched image of the prototype interface.

OK, the interface as it looks now will have 4 main categories, "Products & Services", "What's New", "Support", and ther "Contact" pages. Additionally, the 2 logo fields will act as buttons as well, linking directly to the main sites for that company, be it HP or the Client site. Each of these six categories will activate a series of mouseover events, different for each one. Each mouseover will generate....

Each of the 6 main elements will have these images...

Additionally, there will be 3 additional cells required for the animation sequence, so the unit will appear to drop down smoothly.

Here are the costs invloved...

Total cost for this unit would be $2,360, reflecting 39:20 hours labor.

Estimated time for completion of this unit will be 2 weeks, (10 business days), starting from the receipt of the Purchase Order.
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