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Detailed convention announcements in text
  • The Normal sounding text announcement.  Please spread this one all over the place.
  • The more Professional sounding announcement. 
  • The initial Call for Papers announcement.

Please link to the DEF CON 6.0 site from your home page.
  • Use some of the available logos people have been kind enough to create for the convention that are on this page.

Ride & Hotel Room Sharing
  • Rage-303 and Colorado is up to speed with the first ride sharing page!  The 303 Colorado sharing page is here.  A special thanks to the 303 crew that donated all the excellent technical books for the give away last year. 
  • Enigma's 4th Annual California Car Caravan for DEF CON 6.0 is up and running!  Check it out.  The Voice of Mercury lives!
  • Boogah187 has set up an Orange County California Ride share page.  This page is different than Enigmas OC page.  Hey, competition is a good thing.
  • The 604/250 Area Code (British Columbia, Canada) 2600 chapter welcomes you to share ride, room, and board to DEFCON and back. Hosers Kick Ass. No NT people.
  • Email if you are interested in his ride caravan to Defcon from Phoenix and surrounding cities in the 602.
  • BroncBuster is in effect with the First Annual Northern California Ride Sharing page!  I've had a lot of guys from Scaramento, Chico and around where I live all talked to me about setting it up and drivnig, rather then flying, to DefCon this year. Well I took the risk and I'm taking the wheel on trying to organize it.


Other People's DEF CON Resources
  • Here is some information from Stylewise about The Plaza Hotel.
  • The Plaza Hotel is at the end of the Freemont Street "Experience"
  • The TDYC's DEF CON homepage with links to other resources, their ride list, and more.
  • Flea's DEF CON resource page with what to bring and not to bring, hotel info, etc.
  • SysFail's DEF CON Planning page.  System Failure's list of who will be there from 408, 541, 619, 916, 909, etc.
  • Radio Scanner frequency list by Clay Irving for Nevada.

  • The Official Defcon Shoot page. We're going a shootin' again, and here is where you'll find the specifics.  It's slated for Saturday afternoon.  Be awake!
  • Rev. Krusty is organizing the Who Are You, any ways? A Social Engineering Competition for DEF CON 6.0

Curret Speakers
  • Jennifer Grannick
  • Bruce Schneier
  • Peter Shipley
  • Lorenzo Valeri
  • Se7en - Hacking the Travel Industry.  Learn how to get permanently upgraded to First Class flying status, be upgraded to luxury hotel suite,  be admitted to airport V.I.P. lounges, get your luggage from baggage claim before anyone else does, have hotels pay for your girlfriend's airfare to come visit you at Defcon, be provided with limousines and bodyguards, take home lonely flight attendant babes, nd much, much more, all for free, by learning and using se7en's mad social engineering skillz.
  • Super Dave of the DoC - Copyright
  • Dr. Byte - Dr. Byte will give a technical presentation on the security of wireless technology.  Included in this talk include overviews of:* wireless networks, protocols, systems, and access mediums such as AMPS, GSM, FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, CDPD, 802.11, Mobile-IP, and Ad-Hoc Networks * current IP security technology (IPSEC) in IPv4 and IPv6* overview of areas of research and exploration of security in wireless technologies.
  • Dr. Byte is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Engineering and an instructor of Computer Engineering at a major univeristy.  He received his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Engineering in 1994 and 1997 respectively.  For his M.S., 
    he worked with a real time bit error rate simulator, and developed a next generation real time hardware system for bit error rate simulations.  He has developed a 16 bit RISC microprocessor in VHDL in a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) able to run compiled 'C' code.   His research interests include security over wireless networks, in particular ad-hoc networks using IPv6.  He has co-authored 3 papers on IEEE 802.11 and IPv6.


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