4-Head Hi-Fi Stereo Model VR618

If you haven't experienced a VCR with Hi-FI stereo sound, you've missed out on half of the excitement. This VCR delivers the TOTAL entertainment package with superb video performance and sensational Hi-Fi stereo sound.

VCR Plus+ Programming.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to program a VCR anymore. VCR Plus+ makes programming as simple as keying in the 5 digit code found next to TV program in your local TV guide and then select one-time, daily or weekly recording. The programming is automatic. And this VCR has an 8-event/1-year programmable timer -- so you can tape all of your favorite shows!

Search and Scan Mean Convenience.
Take control of the video! VHS Index Search System places an electronic marker at the beginning of each new recording. Just select an index number and the VCR will zip right to it and begin playback. If you want to record a show in just a couple minutes, but don't know where the blank part of the tape is -- don't panic! Hit Blank Search and the VCR will fly to the first unrecorded spot on the tape. And, once your favorite program is recorded, why sit through the commercials? Just click Commercial Scan and scan ahead 60 seconds at a time.

Speed at Your Fingertips
Suddenly you realize that time has slipped by and the program that you wanted to record is on NOW! XPR it! Express Recording (XPR) lets you record using one button. You can record from 30 minutes up to four hours. Plus, this VCR has High-Speed Rewind so you don't have to wait (and wait and wait) for the tape to rewind. It reduces rewind time by 35-50%.

Automatic Operation Makes it easy for Kids (and Adults) to Use
Inserting a tape turns the VCR on and automatically begins playback. That fast! That easy! When the tape is over it automatically rewinds ... and the power shuts off when rewinding is completed.

  • On-Screen VCR Setup Menu
  • Alpha-Numberic Digital Display
  • Master Touch Universal Remote
  • Digital Auto Tracking
  • Real Time Counter
  • Bilingual On-Screen Menus (English/French)

$259.99 Plus Double Warranty And Complete Accessory Package

30-Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

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