Q & A with the Tech Doctor

Q: Hey, Doc, Why do I need a Hi-Fi VCR for Dolby PRO Surround Sound?
A:Well, you could use a regular VCR, but it would be like trying to give a speach using only one-syllable words, or even more like listening to a quadrophonic recording on one speaker! Today's movie tapes are recorded with sound for 5 speakers -- two towering front speakers, one central "conversation" speaker, and two rear speakers. Hi-Fi VCRs unleash all those tracks, and you gotta like the sound of that! It's like listening to movie sound in a big theater without having to pay for the ticket!

Q: Tech Doctor: I'm on the verge of getting a new VCR -- but what's up with DVD??
A very good question, my friend! I'm sure you remember when CDs first came out and everyone said, "Wait a second -- I LIKE my tapes! I've been collecting them for years!" Everyone was won over and blown away by the quality of CD sound. No hisssssssss. No pop. Well, now DVD is going to do the same thing for videos. Just imagine a system with all the sound qualityl of a compact disc, twice the picture quality of VHS and 3000 times the capacity of a computer disk. Plus, it has six separate audio channels " for the next souped up generation of Dolby sound with booming subwoofer sound. I'm really psyched about DVD. And, we're going to be offering the first DVD in October and you can reserver yours now. So, in answer to your question, if you need a VCR now, get it. If you can wait a little longer, we'll send you an e-mail saying that DVDs are ready.