Hiya folks! Yah, this is me, DocOzone talking at ya'. Isn't this a cool little unit? Ever since I found out that "../" will take you up one directory, I've had the *most* fun building these self-contained, twisted little directory structures, with not a single image duplicated. I've never seen this trick documented in any HTML guides, I stumbled across it myself, it reminds me of old DOS directory structures. It's fun, if a bit confusing. I've completely cut this one meg archive off from the rest of the world, it is completely self contained.
This should be a great site to pick apart, if you're still learning HTML. I've used a little bit of everything in these pages, frames, extensive use of tables, a sensible, yet convoluted directory structure, a little quicktime, all sorts of stuff. Read the source code, steal what you can use, it's only HTML. Have fun!

Your pal,-doc-