DocOzone's Backgrounds; v.1.1N

Hiya Folks! You've already seen the original background archive, by traditional counting procedures, I guess this must be 1.1N :) The downloadable version is a self-enclosed archive, with no links from inside the archive to the outside world. It's designed to be used as either an offline viewer, or to be simply dropped into your web directory as-is. You can then link directly to the backgrounds inside. This directory will use one meg in your WWW directory, assuming you upload the entire thing. You can download the archive here.

Why do you need background tiles? It's not just for web pages, not by a long shot. Look at any 3D action game, say "Doom" for example. What are those walls and floors made up of? Tiles! They may not look square, but they are. If you're going to create your own graphics, either in 2D or 3D, mapping tiled backgrounds to the surface of your image is going to be crucial, and for that... you need tiles. I use these all the time in Photoshop, I open 'em up, "select all", and then "define pattern". Now I can fill large areas, or selected parts of an image, with that background. Setting that layer to multiply or overlay over a 3D image can merge that texture with it. Very cool. This may not be the biggest such archive available, but what would you rather have, 72 great backgrounds, or 5,000 crappy ones? Accept no substitutes, insist on DocOzone© brand backgrounds!

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