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I'll be perfectly honest with you. By the terms I've already established at my personal site, a non-commercial user could download almost every one of these backgrounds from the archive there. It'd be a pain grabbing all the files there, but if you're willing to go to all the trouble of re-building it on your local server, you've earned it, (and hopefully learned a bunch in the process!)
IF you're lazy like me, you could use this archive as-is, simply drop it into your WWW directory and use the backgrounds on your home page. You can link into it to navigate to the correct one for your project, and then just link to it,

( as in <body background="backgrounds/BKG1/foo.gif">)

SO, if you've decided to use this archive as a unit, you should fall into one of three categories. Be honest now, or suffer the twinges of guilt that will surely follow! Yea, you shall suffer the awful pangs of conscience at inopportune moments. Such is my curse.

Personal use only, Poor - So sorry you're poor. Use the images anyway. All I ask is that you link back to me, and in general think nice thoughts in my direction.
Personal use only, Not Poor - The thinking of nice thoughts in my direction is still required, but now you must also send me $20.00. Bummer. At least you're not poor! Please refer to the contact information below.
Commercial use, single site licence - Commercial users have two options. You can purchase a single site licence on a per-image rate at a cost of $36.00 each.
If you prefer, you can purchase a single site licence for the entire archive for $240.00. Do the math, and choose the option that works best for you.

Please note that this is a single site licence, these are not intended for re-sale. Custom work is always available if this is what you require. Custom backgrounds take approximately 1 hour, and cost only $60. I do not differentiate between personal and business use when doing custom work. Sorry, time truly is money.

Make checks payable to "Apocalypse Studios",
and send them to this address:

Apocalypse Studios
3010 Hennepin Ave South #138
Minneapolis, MN 55408

WWW and Graphic Design copyright ©1996 by DocOzone and Apocalypse Studios

What's that?
Not feeling as guilty as you thought?

Choose again...